DD Electric Ltd. provides you with complete solutions on a "turnkey" in the field of industrial automation and telemetry. Solutions are tailored to the needs of the system based on availability communications links, sources of electricity, and the installation location. Fields of application are water supply and sewerage, industry, agriculture, and all the fields that require simple installation, control and maintenance with very competitive prices.

Telemetry data collection expel the need to visit a local measurement sites for collection of data - data can be stored locally in the telemetry unit (RTU), after which transmission is done on your computer for the purposes of collecting data, graphs and statistical analysis.

System Options:
Battery-powered and energy-saving system (replaceable standard battery)
Installation of the measuring shaft
Distances of measurement, alarm and data storage
Frequency of measurement and data adjusted from a few seconds up to one month
Display, processing and storage of data on your computer

Telemetry systems are usually installed in locations that are located in remote areas where access mains voltage and classical communication links is not available. So it is a serious question of power, our system does not require access to the supply voltage as is supplied with batteries. depending on the frequency of data collection and data transmission frequency, battery life can be up to 10 years. Long battery life is enabled intelligent system that most of the time implemented in a "deep sleep" with very low power consumption, while the "be" when the need arises.

The system is built into the shaft measurement, and if the GSM signal strong enough not to require external antenna. This automatically reduces the complexity and cost of the entire system. And is one of the differences / advantages over other solutions on the market.

We considered a very important factor, which over time can damage the measuring equipment, and it is aggressive environmental impact. Bypass this problem we integrate our electronics in protective encapsulation which bears the IP67 +, which achieves high resistance to dust and water impact. the electronics subsequently found in silicone gel for enhanced resistance to environmental influences.

Measuring and sending data takes place depending on customer preference and depending on the need. Data is sent over the cellular network (GPRS). The essential difference versus other solutions is throwing the need for expensive service provider of mobile services, such as VPN (Virtual Private Network). As well as our solution effectively circumvent technical problems, successfully bypasses and high monthly costs generated lease service carrier.

The data collected represent nothing if not well processed and presented. for numerical and visual presentation of data using tools and programs Simens, and their own solutions. program by which the end-user access is always made ??from scratch, and the needs and desires users. Data is collected and processed on a computer buyer, which is another important difference between our solutions versus other solutions on the market. While other solutions require the presence of a third party data collection and access (Web access), which is also the month and charged, we again and throw unnecessary costs.

The goal of our system is complete independence, but also a high level of flexibility. If there is a desire and demand, expanding the existing system is integrated into the built later, and the data and their presentations will remain in the same place in the new expanded program!

Another very important concept is the flexibility of the system, flexibility talking about the viability of the system regardless of the number remote telemetry stations. If needed one cell, ten or more cells than ten cells, Our system shows the effectiveness regardless of the number. Quantity is not required that the system becomes profitable!

However, if the need arises the system can be expanded up to 65 000 cells.


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