DD electric d.o.o.

is located in Bjelovar, 90 kilometers north of Zagreb, which is the economic and administrative center of Croatia.

Cooperation with technologically advanced companies Sanyodenki, Emerson, and academic institutions FSB Zagreb, Mechatronics Bjelovar resulted in the production of several types of machines that have given good results in the production process. Longtime innovative work has contributed to the development of several machines that are unique in Croatia.

DD electric d.o.o. focuses on the production of new machines and automatic production lines, as well as adoption of new technologies. Currently we are focusing on solar systems for tracking the sun (tracking systems) to help that most of the solar energy is converted into electrical energy, than is the case when using traditional stationary systems. Working with Power One U.S. company and a German company Solar-Log, we have reliable technology to track and generate electricity.

Increasing the share of electricity production using solar technology in the future, and our rapid integration into production demonstrates our strength and determination to contribute to the growth of the industry in the next decade.