Solar Tracker is a device that tracks the movement of the sun from east to west and thus increases the efficiency of solar modules 31-37%! Construction tracker consists of aluminum or stainless steel materials. Photovoltaic (solar) panels are attached to the structure, so that when the tracker follows the movement of the sun all day, photovoltaic panels are aimed directly at the sun all day, which significantly contributes to the production of electricity.

Unique technical solution that consists of a structure with three support points and the DC motor (DC motor) that is powered by electricity from small photovoltaic module to work tracker throughout the year.

Photovoltaic modules are attached to the structure that is rotated by the worm transmission which drives the DC motor.

Solar trackers are turning toward the side that is more exposed to the sun, and it was achieved by using the position of small photovoltaic modules are mounted vertically on the photovoltaic modules that produce electricity for the power inverter.

Tracking systems