Grid off systems

Systems that are not related to the grid (grid off)

In the photovoltaic industry, the hub is a mirror that reflects additional sunlight to the solar panels.
Therefore, the solar panels get more light and produce more electricity.
Hubs can be manufactured from various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, silver or silver-coated polymer-coated steel and tempered glass.

The solar system includes:
solar panels, solar controller, sine wave inverter, AC charger and spare cables for connection panels.


The system can be upgraded at any time if you need more power.


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Price will be reduced 15% if ordered 20 sets, and if you ordered 40 sets the price is reduced by 20%.

The warranty for the system is 5 years and guarantees for solar panels is 25 years.

Administrative procedure

Here you can learn about all of the procedures that are required to contract electricity purchase with eligible producers.

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